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Looking for top demolition companies in Melbourne? Then your search has been end up here at Onspot Demolition Melbourne, as we are the most trusted and leading demolition companies in Melbourne area. On Spot Demolition Melbourne is a residential & commercial demolition company servicing Melbourne Metro city and the surrounding Country area.

Products and services

Demolition and Recycling Demolition Process Melbourne

On Spot Demolition Melbourne is your easy and ready source of demolition equipment and debris removal in demolished areas.
Prior to the mechanical demolition, the following tasks need to be addressed:

  • Asbestos removal (if necessary).
  • Securing relevant permits.
  • Disconnecting utilities + identification of remaining utilities.
  • Development of site-specific safety and work plans.
  • Notification of adjoining properties.
  • Secure site fencing

House Demolition Cost Melbourne

Are you planning to completely demolish your old house and construct the new one in the same place?

Then, hire our experts at On Spot Demolition as we have many years of experience in providing a complete house demolition services in Melbourne. When you hire us, our experienced demolishers Melbourne comes to your place with fully equipped to remove each and everything, including the footings, trees, stumps and vegetation. We make sure to clear your site completely so that you can start and go with your construction work in Melbourne. We minimize house demolition cost in Melbourne within your budget. We are also equipped and has experienced demolishers Melbourne in providing the excavation work which changes the level of the basement and prepare your basement such that it is ready for the next phase of your building construction project. We are proud that our house demolition costs are unbeatable in Melbourne, as you cannot get these house demolition services for these prices in Melbourne.

Melbourne Commercial Demolition

Using heavy-duty equipment, we make sure your structure is completely gutted by systematically tearing down the building piece by piece. Our process is an efficient and cost-effective method to decommission any building or facility.

Contact us to discuss how commercial and industrial demolition services can assist you no matter your location around Melbourne.

  • Free on site advice
  • No obligation quote
  • Range of operated earthmoving equipment
  • Tipper and Trailer Hire or contract
  • Contaminated material management and disposal
  • Clean Fill disposal

Asbestos Removal Melbourne

Removing asbestos from your property and disposing of it properly benefits both your family and the environment. We make sure your home or building is completely free from this harmful material. By doing so, we help clients avoid further exposure to asbestos, which can cause serious health problems.


Concrete Removals Melbourne

Whether you require concrete demolition for all small job in Melbourne’s suburbs, or concrete demolition for a large building project in the city, our team of experienced concrete experts can help. Trained to the highest safety standards in the industry, our team can come in and successfully complete the demolition job, on time and on budget. Once the demolition process has been completed, We can safely ensure that the excess concrete from the demolition process has been removed off of the premises and out of the way.

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